Sweet soda changes brain chemistry

sodaScientists from the University of Macquarie in Sydney discovered that sweet soda leads to hyperactivity and change hundreds of proteins in the brain. Similar changes are observed in the case of Alzheimer’s diseases and cancer.

Heart attacks, diabetes, overweight, brittle bones, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer, muscle weakness and paralysis were mentioned earlier as possible consequences of the misuse of soda. In the new study, researchers focused attention on the effect of sugar-sweetened beverages on the brain.

The researchers conducted experiments on rats. During one month the rodents were allowed to drink sugar water (sugar content equivalent of soda). As a result, the animals began to show hyperactivity in behavior. A study of the brain showed changes in levels of approximately 300 different proteins.

Thus, the experts conclude, regular consumption of sweetened drinks instead of water may cause long-term changes in behavior and serious changes in brain chemistry. And this concerns not only animals but also humans.

The researchers do not urge to abandon sweet “pop”. It can be occasionally used for pleasure, but do not make it the main drink for every day. If you want to drink, better drink water.

Recent study of Japanese physicians revealed that fascination with carbonated beverages increases the risk of renal disease.